Welcome to the
Oxfordshire Craft Guild Spring Exhibition

Following the success of our virtual Christmas and Extended Winter virtual exhibitions, we hope you will enjoy seeing more of the work of our members in this collection for Spring.


  • All the pieces in this exhibition are for sale and are shown in the Main Gallery: click on the Main Gallery in the navigation  menu above to enter.

  • Hovering over any piece will show the makers name, Code reference and price. More details will be found in the   Biography page in the Makers area.

  • Click on any Gallery image will enlarge it showing maker details and price details in the upper left corner. 

  • Visit the different rooms using 'Next' tab or the numerical index at the bottom of each Gallery page.

  • Purchase of all work on this site, or of similar pieces or commissions, should be arranged directly with the maker - go to the Makers' Gallery, select the maker of interest and click the Document image for  contact details.   Read onscreen, print or download as a pdf.

  • For the individual crafts (e.g. Ceramics), click the appropriate Craft on the navigation drop-down. 

  • The Oxfordshire Craft Guild is not responsible for any aspect of any transaction arising from this Gallery, including purchase and delivery of items. At present, this is a viewing gallery only.